The Magic of CultureScout Explained

Our CultureScout Platform is a powerful set of tools to expose and visually explore your digital archives. These may be works of artwork, articles in a journal or publication, even teachers and courses available at an institution.

Through the combination of creativity and technical skills, CultureScout can seem to function like "magic". But, it's actually a complex and robust digital platform backed by an extensive and growing semantic database. As your digital assets are connected together in never-before-imagined ways, the breath and depth of the technology and database begins to reveal itself.

How Are These Connections Made?

The complex technology identifies and links together information via semantic relationships. The platform exposes the relationships that connect your assets to other digital assets in your organization, and even to information outside of your institution.



  • CultureScout Platform provides custom front-end and back-end tools to help you curate and expose your digital assets
  • Customize CultureScout's look to work with your organization's branding and style guides, from logo and color schemes to front page layouts and more
  • Use any portion of our own database to enhance yours, or work with Moomat to create a separate walled in data set unique to your organization
  • Completely customizable content from videos to summary text
  • Integrated to deliver fully playable songs from the Spotify database
  • Create your own semantic connections to best utilize your data or collections
  • Can be deployed on large touch tables or tablets, commercially for iPads, or privately on tablets to limit use to within the organization

We have a demo available publicly in the Apple App store for iPad allowing you to browse our database of over 500 million connected pieces, and to get a feel for the platform and how it can work. We encourage you to download it and take a look (it's free!). Download by searching "CultureScout" on your iPad in the App Store.