Introducing Moomat

What is Moomat? If you’ve ever been to Santa Monica, you might know that “Moomat Ahiko” is a street name. You might not know that it is in the Native American Tongva language and can be translated to “Breath of the Ocean.” This is where we begin with the Moomat digital platform known as CultureScout — skimming along the surface of data and information, connecting the seemingly unrelated, then diving deeper to explore your collection in ways you never thought possible.

Our technology has a wide range of applications.

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Think of us as a GPS for your content

Every business, publisher, and content provider is different, and so is every database. We will work with you to find the best way to enhance your content, and increase the potential discoverability of each piece of your data, and by doing so, will increase the value of your content to you and your users. We have developed adaptable platforms and technology that can be applied in a nearly infinite number of ways, allowing us to focus on what matters- you. 

Here's a video of Moomat in Action

Our team specializes in data. Whether it is deploying Deep Diver technology for your website content or designing a virtual exhibit for your collections, we can help. Watch the video below to find out how Moomat helped This Land Press, a notable indie publication, significantly increase discoverability and explorability of their content while decreasing the amount of time the process takes them: