"CultureScout is perfect for museums as it allows repositories to exhibit artifacts in a digital platform, ensuring the preservation of the original materials, while still offering opportunities for education and engagement."
Ian Swart, Archivist & Curator of Collections, Tulsa Historical Society
“This cutting edge technology allows people across the world to explore our Museum’s collections. The Sherwin Miller is dedicated to promoting Jewish heritage, history and culture through art and education. Thanks to Moomat and this new installation and app, we are able to share that mission locally and globally.”
Drew Diamond, Executive Director, Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art


Tell the entire story of your exhibits.

We will use our digital platform, CultureScout, to work with your museum's archives and digital assets and provide the tools to expose and visually explore them. Our technology links the pieces in your collections together and can reveal the non-obvious ways they are related.

Museums are both galleries and libraries. How much of your museum's inventory is not on display? 96-97%? These links surface archival "content" and connect it to your current exhibitions. They allow the viewer to learn more about a particular asset in your collection. They provide context and relevance to other timeless works in your archives.


Your exhibits have more to offer then what can be seen at a glance.

Most people never move beyond the initial emotional response when seeing a work of art. They're limited by that first (and sometimes only) impression to what they can learn or feel. Did you know that René Magritte’s painting Le Jeu De Mourre is connected to The Beatles? Each piece of art has a deeper story that usually goes untold. CultureScout shows the hidden connections that would otherwise be missed.

What can CultureScout reveal about your collections?



We give you the tools to make your assets shine.

Digitally Curate Collections

Organize and control your collections behind the scenes to improve internal process and facilitate planning throughout your museum.


Allow Access to Your Archives and Past Collections

Museums are no longer limited by physical space. Our platform offers unlimited "virtual real-estate" to open up a museum's archives or artwork or past exhibits and collections to the public.


Personalize the Museum Experience

Visitors can control their experience as they explore and connect with your exhibits through access to extended content, such as audio and video.