Semantics 101

Semantics is the study of meaning.  Within linguistics, it is a subfield devoted to the study of meaning that is inherent in words, phrases, sentences, and entire texts.  The term semantics can also be used to describe “the meaning of words” or simply meaning.  

Moomat focuses on the meaning behind the words. For example, the album “Animals” by Pink Floyd was influenced by George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm, and features album artwork by notable rock band graphic designer Storm Thorgerson, centered around the Battersea Power Station, a decommissioned coal-fired power station in London, which was also featured in the films 1984, The King’s Speech, and the Beatle’s 1965 movie, Help. 

It is this relationship through connections that entities have that provide the foundation of our technology and allows us to promote and help push the discovery of other directly relevant entities that may not be immediately apparent. We can take this several steps further and connect across multiple media types until you can answer questions such as what does a painting 'sound' like?  Obviously the applications of this type of search and discovery are nearly infinite, limited only by one's creativity.