Moomat is hard at work developing the largest semantic database in the world with over 500 million pieces of connected data including music, places, books, people, artworks, museums and many more, all linked by hundreds of different connection types. Our database is free and open to the public via CultureScout for iPad.


Over 100 million data points: 

40 million songs
3 million albums 
2 million bands 
38,000 record labels 
2.5 million books 
1 million people 
200,000 films 
16,000 artworks
8,000 museums 
(And that's just the tip of the entity iceberg) 

Linked by 100+ semantic connections:

Influences & Inspirations
architected, designed, engineered, etc.
Member of Movements
Created and recorded
Artwork Featured in
(And many more)

We have a demo available publicly in the App Store for iPad allowing you to browse the Moomat Universe. We encourage you to download it and take a look, its free! 

Download by searching "CultureScout" on your iPad in the App Store.